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"This is the Pre-Alpha of a Dinner Simulator named , of course, 'Dinner with Archibald.'  This game is about an evening dinner with your neighbor, Sir Daniel Archibald the Fifth,  who has "borrowed" your favorite pair of gardening shears ages ago.
Since this is in Pre-Alpha, a lot of features are missing.  Mainly, the Anger System hasn't been implemented in yet.  Don't make him mad." - Message found with the game

Dinner with Archibald is a horror game, inspired by glitchy characters in video games.  Try to navigate the halls of the Archibald Mansion as you try to get back your prized pair of gardening shears.  

This game has a special rudeness system, that influences Archibald as he tries to scold you.  The more rude you act, the angrier, and glitchier, Archibald gets.  

Can you make it to the end with your shears in hand?

Made to practice game creation for game jams.


Dinner with Archibald.zip 20 MB


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I really liked the idea and concept of this game. I think that the art and aesthetic of it made it good. I liked the distorted sound effects and a weird lowpoly archibald model with scary animations. What i didn't really like that much was the models of wallpapers because they were just blend and white. I think that you must add more mechanics and make the game scarier and it would be better. The game was unironically scary because of that. 8/10.

Well this was horrifying even if the monster was chasing me down in a T pose.

Such a weird design, but amazing fun to run from, and the degeneration of Archibald as you get further and further made it super interesting.

This game was a roller coaster. It satisfied the metaphorical hunger that I've had recently for 'minimalistic challenge horror' titles and I didn't even see it coming. The aesthetics of the game as a whole felt like a glitched version of a harmless game, which really hits home right now with the current theme of the games I've been playing. I absolutely love Archibald's model. It definitely makes me feel nostalgia for Slenderman but with its own unique twist. Even without an anger system in place, the game was still super difficult and took me about 45 minutes to complete. I can't wait for updates in the future. Thanks so much for making this!

I created a post about your game in my Game Retrospect: https://jmcineo.com/2018/06/24/jmcs-game-retrospect-1/I noticed in your discription that you havent added the anger system! I am looking forward to figuring out how to make him happier! 

The anger system is already in the game.  The angrier he is, the faster he gets and the glitchier his animations are. 

Also, it is impossible to get a rating above F.  It is a reference to the idea that the game is a glitchy alpha, in which the game assumes that you interrupted a peaceful dinner by barging into rooms you aren't supposed to be in, and throwing pots at him.

ooooh well reagardless its still cool!

Very interesting! 

I got the shears but I'm not sure how to get different endings tho